Who we ARE

nTheta is an international team of professionals  that helps overseas and Chinese companies grow their cross-border operations, through a combination of management consulting, technology solutions sourcing, market analysis, and operational support.  We have exceptional resources in the tech industry of China’s Greater Bay and in the Shanghai business and financial community.  We know how to launch and grow companies in China and globally because we have done it before. Our unique operations expertise comes from years of experience working as tech executives, intellectual property specialists and compliance experts in China and the United States. Our mission is to leverage our cross-border operations expertise to help companies overcome obstacles to global growth and release their products and services to a waiting world.

Our Services

The nTheta team consults with C-Suite executives and corporate legal departments about China business strategy, risk analysis/mitigation, and connecting with appropriate local resources to grow the China business of our overseas clients.   Our team has particular expertise in the China tech industry from our prior experience building the global operations of one of China’s most successful tech unicorns.  We also have deep experience with China’s unique legal and political environment, including guiding multinationals and private companies through a broad range of regulatory actions, internal investigations, and crisis scenarios.  Whatever your concern in China, we are ready to assist with thorough industry analysis and sensible business advice.

The nTheta team has exceptional experience and a track record of success performing the R&D for one of the world’s most interesting hardware products.  Our clients may leverage these skills to help develop, source and manufacture technology solutions. We are veterans of the China Greater Bay Area tech industry, with deep relationships and many connections to the talent our clients require. We are particularly strong at embedded system design and hardware engineering due to our expertise, connections and personal interests. Our coverage area includes computer vision sensors, autonomous vehicle control, main control unit, all-in-one smart home solution,  etc. Whatever stage of your product development is at, we are here to assist and engage as early as possible so that there will be less rework and bug fixing in the future.

IP Support for Going Overseas

Due to legacy issues & the historical burden caused by Chinese IP policy & practice, many Chinese companies and their executive teams are not currently ready to withstand the legal challenges of competition abroad.  In the past, local companies have not needed to develop their IP portfolios to compete in China and therefore their IP rights and internal IP management systems are not as developed as their Western counterparts.  Moreover, most Chinese companies do not yet possess the experience to handle international IP issues (such as global patent strategy and US IP litigation) and do not yet know how to play the IP game according to international rules and at an international standard. One of our missions is to redress this imbalance by helping aspiring Chinese companies become well prepared for international competition by improving their IP management systems before going global. In particular, we help Chinese companies develop their internal IP policies and practices, adopt international standards and execute IP strategy at a world-class level.  Due to our unique experience handling foreign IP threats and litigation, we can also help Chinese companies understand the foreign IP litigation process, manage their foreign IP litigation and coordinate their foreign counsel relationships.


Intellectual Property Due Diligence

BACKGROUND We recently had dinner with a friend of ours who manages a large fund for investment in Chinese technology companies. His fund is very optimistic about the Chinese tech industry and its ability to innovate new products. However, he said that the many of their prospective deals fail to close or close at much […]

Figure 2. Apollo Platform Architecture (Version 3.0)

Foreign AV Tech Companies Can Leverage Baidu’s Apollo Platform to Enter China

Since first announcing its “Apollo” platform for the autonomous vehicle (AV) industry last year, Baidu has consistently upgraded the platform and added new partners and capabilities. As Apollo continues to improve over the coming several years, nTheta anticipates opportunities for foreign AV technology companies to leverage Apollo as a fast track to China’s growing AV market.


Over the past month, Huawei has announced the details of the company’s portfolio of AI products and cloud services. The new “Huawei AI Cloud” (see Figure 1) seeks to remove the two main obstacles impeding the growth of AI development: (1) the significant time and effort to develop AI applications (such as data labeling, model […]

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