An Electric SUV that Reaches 1000 km Mileage was Born in CHINA!

A Chinese company recently announced the launch of an Electric SUV with a range of 1000 km (621 miles) per charge. The company’s Chinese name is “车和家”, meaning “Car and Home”. The brand name is “Leading Ideal”, while “ONE” is the name of this particular SUV.

Figure 1. Leading Ideal SUV - ONE

ONE is a big SUV with 7 seats and it is also a hybrid vehicle. It is equipped with a powerful lithium battery pack that reaches 40.5 kWh, plus a gasoline engine that acts as a kind of “Mileage Extender”.  ONE attains a maximum of 326 horse power, and its torque measures an astonishing 530 Newton meters. ONE can accelerate from zero to 100 kph in 6.5 seconds, a good result for a large SUV.

Figure 2. ONE's Digital Dashboard

One’s impressive performance is  complemented by some nice interior touches. For example, ONE is equipped with the latest 3D Digital Instrument Cluster (with 3 Connected Interactive LCD Screen), similar to Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX.

nTheta expects that more and more EVs like ONE will soon be launched in China, which means more and more competitors for Western EV leaders such as Tesla.  After all, when the technology barriers disappear, fierce competition will inevitably arise.

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