China Launch Services

nTheta’s China Launch Services provide a safe and efficient path for you to launch your China operations. You leverage our local operations expertise to accelerate the launch of China business without having to joint venture or otherwise compromise control of your local management or technology. We recommend strategies and best practices for overcoming obstacles to your success in China. For a select group of clients, we offer our Partner Mode service, where we serve as your China landing team until such time as you are ready to take over independent operations.


We conduct proprietary research and market analyses based on your vision and products/services. Combining your home market business model and our China market expertise, we create a playbook covering strategy & execution as a tool to set expectations and strategic goals to grow your business here.


Having determined a realistic growth expectation, we will discuss with you the details of landing proposal, resource budgeting, and corporate governance/interest alignment practices. Once you have a clear sense of our engagement arrangement, we encourage you to become our partner while we also offer our advisory services if that is your preference.


We act as your China landing team, responsible, under your guidance, for the ground work of starting your business in China. Besides performing key business functions, we have various ad hoc capabilities at your disposal. After your China pipeline is self-sustainable, we will transition operations to the team we recruited and trained for you to replace us.

Engage with US

Choose the right engagement mode

We encourage companies with strong prospects to engage us in Partner Mode, while we also offer our Advisor Mode services if that is your preference.

For a select group of clients, we offer our Partner Mode service. On Day 1 of your partnership with us, you have access to our accelerator operations team, which allows you to leverage a suite of corporate functions either from your headquarters or with a single manager that you appoint to work with us in China. We execute with and for you, and don’t simply refer you to so-called “China connections” or to joint venture partners who turn out to be your competitors. You remain in control of your company, its technology and its operations. We simply recommend strategies and, with your approval. Over the following 1-2 years, we help your company adapt to and access the China market, while also recruiting and training a group of core employees who will be ready to take over all necessary business functions when you exit our accelerator and commence independent operations in 1-2 years.

nTheta’s Advisor Mode service is available to all clients under a traditional consulting arrangement. We advise clients on their China operations, providing recommendations on local strategies and best practices for growth in the China tech market. In Advisor Mode, our clients remain responsible for the execution of the strategies and practices. We typically provide our Advisor Mode services on an hourly billing basis, but remain open to other arrangements.

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Advisor Mode

Why Us?

Interest Aligned by Various Arrangements

There are far too many examples here of international companies losing control of their business/technology after cooperating with local dealer/distributors whose interests inevitably conflict with yours. Unlike these local partners, nTheta does NOT seek to own or control any part of your China business. Instead, our goal is to grow your China business into a successful operation that you fully own and control. To ease your concerns and motivate us, we employ different mechanisms to align our interest with your success and guarantee our close cooperation and efficient assistance.

Cross Cultural Education & Career Background

With international business backgrounds and top U.S. university degrees in various disciplines, we make cross-culture communication smooth and efficient. While our team possesses deep experience at both startups and multinationals, we believe it is our network with many of the top tech talents in China that distinguishes us. We are committed to sharing that network with clients to drive our mutual success.

Proven Practical Cross Border Experience

nTheta's international team knows the importance of transparency, corporate governance, IP protection, and ethics in international business. Leveraging our past cross-border, and cross-discipline work experience, our team is guided by international standards to make you comfortable and confident when dealing with local China business and regulatory issues for the first time.

Focus on Down-to-Earth Execution Strategies

Not only do we connect your business to tech ecosystems here, we execute the GTM strategy co-developed with you and deliver tangible growth. Having been early members of startups ourselves, we understand the importance of learning by doing when entering a new market. Like you, we are flexible and adaptable with a focus on practical solutions that fit the market.