Our name, nTheta, is inspired by a math equation that embodies both science and art.  In our view, the graph generated by the equation:
\(\color{blue}{y = \sin(n\cdot\theta)}\) represents a flower, which grows as \(\color{red}{n}\) gets larger.

The implication of this equation and the name, nTheta, is that our increasing efforts on your behalf in China will contribute naturally to the growth of your business, our mutual success, and the health of the international technology and business cosystem.

We endeavor to connect society with products/services enabled by great technology and imbued with elegant design.  The more milestones we achieve for our clients, the closer our relationship becomes, which not only establishes mutual trust, but makes your business bloom.

From our position at the coordinate origin, we will build on the success achieved with partners like you, to connect more verticals, technologies, and countries, so that we all grow and flourish together.


nTheta is a cross-border growth-builder that partners with global tech startups to adapt their business to new markets. We advise on, and provide operational guidance for, the launch of China business and the execution of global growth strategy. Based in Hong Kong & Shenzhen — the technology & financial center of China’s Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) — we possess the expertise, network and insight developed from our years of experience building the country’s 1st truly global hardcore tech. unicorn as a team. We are committed to working with you to build your company’s success story in China. Through our various interest alignment solutions, we work closely with you to deliver concrete growth, while ensuring that your company maintains control of its management and technology.

Our team

The nTheta team includes both tech. executives who helped grow a China robotics start-up into the industry world leader and legal professionals with decades of X-border legal and intellectual property experience. We leverage our expertise, network and insight to offer tech. startups an agile & manageable solution to scale your global business. At the same time, we are fully committed to international business standards of compliance and the protection of your business and technology. Your success is our success.

Adair Zhou

Founding Partner

  • Strategy
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Intellectual Property

Leo Zhou

Founding Partner

  • R&D
  • Product Management
  • Technology Consulting

Mike Vella

Founding Partner

  • IP
  • Compliance
  • Law Consulting